Reconnect Washing Machine 6.2 Kgs RHWTG-6201

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Reconnect Washing Machine 6.2 Kgs RHWTG-6201


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Decisive features Of Reconnect Washing Machine 6.2 Kgs RHWTG-6201



Capacity 6.2 Kg

Buying Tip

Capacity is the maximum weight (in Kilograms) of dry clothes the machine can hold in a single wash cycle. For those who wash clothes three times a week, depending on the family size will need a washing machine that is:
• 3 kgs if you are 2 members
• 4 to 6 kgs if you are 4 members
• Above 6 kgs if you are 6 members
Fuzzy logic Yes

Buying Tip

In this feature, the washing machine automatically selects the wash time depending upon type, degree of dirt, volume and the type of clothes. Therefore the user need not set the same wash time for every type of clothes or dirt.
Digital display Yes

Buying Tip

The large Digital Display is easy to use. It provides instructions and diagnostics while keeping you updated on the cycle status and time
Type Fully Automatic Top Loadi  
Drum type Stainless Steel

Buying Tip

The top end models have stainless steel drums. Plastic tubs are also an option that will last the life of the machine. Some tubs are made of porcelain-coated steel drums, which can deteriorate over time if the porcelain chips off.
Jog dial No

Buying Tip

The jog dial is a mechanical knob which enables you to select cycles in both directions with ease, and the display is easy to use and understand.

Dimensions & Weight

Weight 21.8 Kgs  
Dimensions 21.85 x 21.45 x 35.66 inc  


Child lock Yes

Buying Tip

Child Lock prevents children from playing with your washer. Once you have activated the Child Lock function, the control panel cannot be activated, preventing children from accidentally pressing the buttons while playing with the washer.

Standard wash cycles / Programs

Soft wash Yes  
Blanket Yes

Buying Tip

Blanket wash mode is for bulky items such as blankets, bedding and sheets
Baby care Yes

Buying Tip

Baby care wash mode is a laundry setting mode for infant. High temperature wash and extra rinses helps to ensure that virtually no washing powder should remain to mark your thin clothes
Cotton Yes

Buying Tip

Cotton wash mode is for color fast garments (shirts, night dresses, pajamas, bed linen, table linen, underwear) and Lightly soiled clothes
Quick wash Yes

Buying Tip

Quick wash mode is really for clothes that aren’t really dirty but just need a rinse to rid them of any odours. Using this program can save energy and is also useful if you need to wash something quickly.


Warranty 24 Months  
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